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“All We Know” by The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers released this song on September 29th of 2016. The artist that sings in the song is named Phoebe Ryan. I wondered how The Chainsmokers and Phoebe Ryan came together and came across a post of they did… through the POV of Phoebe via Genius:

“The Chainsmokers and I had met and worked together in NYC while I was living there a few years back. I had always wanted to collaborate with Drew and Alex, and when they sent me this song, I was over the moon. A few days after I cut a demo for them, we met up in the studio and recorded it together, which I think was so important for the vibe. I don’t know if people would be surprised to know I didn’t have a hand in writing it. I’m one of those artists that hears an amazing song and it doesn’t matter to me who wrote it. If it hits me, I want in.”

The song has more of a sadistic tone compared to their pump up, headbanger music. This song does provide a lot of meaning toward relationships. It is a relaxed song about a struggling relationship. The relationship in question is on the brink of falling apart, but a connection still exists through some sort of love and the lover does not know whether to keep the relationship going or not. This is very relatable to a lot of relationships that are struggling. I also would like to point out the cover art of this song. I say that the cover art illustrates all the emotions which lovers feel, from love, anger, and being left heartbroken. Those are the feelings both the lovers know and feel for certain. Click here to listen to the relaxing song.




Kygo’s all time hit “Firestone”

This song was released on March 9th of 2015. Kygo creates Tropical and House EDM music. It was a while back but it is still on the radio and this song truly never gets old. The song “Firestone” is sung by an artist, Conrad Sewell. No people, this artist is not a girl. When I first heard this song, I immediately thought of some hot blond girl who can sing but then I say a live performance and I completely flipped out due to the artist being a male! “Firestone” is used as a colloquial for flint-acting pyrite. (pyrite meaning fire.) Flint is often rubbed against another flint, like how love needs at least two people. The word Firestone links a starting fire to a newly formed love. This song is very casual to listen to, any age group can easily enjoy this song due to the light-hearted tone of the beats and instruments used in the song. Sewell’s voice blended perfectly with the beats provided and I cannot say how amazing the song sounds as a whole. Click here to listen to this wonderful song and watch a very symbolic music video of a guy trying to reach for this girl.

Steve Aoki “I Love It When You Cry”

Steve Aoki is one of the most popular DJ’s when it comes to EDM headbangers. I personally love this song due to the meaning and the amazing bass drop it provides. The song itself was sung by Moxie Raia. There is an interview about the song provided here

“I wrote it about a boy who was super-tough and who like never showed me any emotion and never showed that he cared about me, but one day, he broke down and cried and told me that he loved me.”

This song does serve a purpose. A person can be super tough and emotionless but once the person cries, they become vulnerable and it shows that in the end, the person truly does care and there is so much more in the relationship as a whole. It is not like “I love seeing you in pain since you are crying,” it is because such a physical and unambiguous display of emotions signifies, at least, the person is no longer “numb” and actually cares. The bass drop is by far my personal favorite compared to a lot of the EDM songs I listened to. Click here to watch the music video and listen to the amazing song!

Another single from the album “Memories… Do Not Open,” “Honest.”

The Chainsmokers’s single “Honest” is a different take than their normal usually EDM banger music style. This song is more toward the heart and reminiscing the group teenage years with the relationship they had. The Chainsmoker posted via Facebook about the meaning of their song…

“Honest is the oldest song on the album. Outing ourselves as one of our mentors advises. It’s a story about a balance between conscience, loneliness, and temptation told through the eyes of one of us after a night out on the road. Drew is talking to himself about what he wants to say to his girlfriend at the end of the night when he knows she’s expecting to hear from him. He’s telling her he doesn’t want to lie to her and say he doesn’t get caught up in the superficial world of fame and fortune and what comes with it. He wants to be honest, which means having to admit not always thinking of her. It’s hard to put out a song like this. The message is dark and revealing of a personal moment, but it’s real for anyone who has ever thought about someone outside their relationship. We love this song because it challenges the thought that love and temptation are mutually exclusive. We all want to be happy and in love, but in reality of most relationships, there are still times of darkness, loneliness, and temptation despite our love for the other person.”

The song itself is like a typical radio song you can listen to as you are driving your car to work and such. It has a pleasant tone and it is very meaningful at the same time. Click here to listen to the song!


The Chainsmokers latest album release “Memories…Do Not Open” specifically about the single “It Won’t Kill Ya”

Once again, The Chainsmokers becoming a huge hit again with their FIRST album release, “Memories… Do Not Open.” I would like to bring up a song that I found captivating and replayed the hell out of it. The Chainsmokers provided the meaning of the song via Facebook:

““It Won’t Kill Ya” is about a night out, seeing someone you are attracted to across the room which pulls you into this mental struggle to gain the courage to interact with them. This is one of the lighter tracks on our album that focuses on enjoying the moment yet handling temptation. Working with Louane was such a pleasure. We love taking a sweet lyrical idea and spinning it on its head with dark production elements. For us, Louane adds so much to this song. She typically sings in French, but her accent while singing in English, although subtle, makes the song that much more captivating.”

Louane voice is very alive and so seductive. Her tone had this subtle yet fierceness in it. The Chainsmokers are totally genius for adding a dark, trap bass drop after the chorus which makes this song so different from a lot of their singles. Click here to listen to the song!

“All Time Low” by Jon Bellion

This song was released on August 31st of 2016 but currently this month of April, it began to blow up in the Billboard charts. I will classify this song as an EDM banger due to the drop it provides after the chorus. There is a remix that was made by an EDM group that I will later provide. In an interview with Weekend Throwdown with Jagger, Jon said of “All Time Low”:

“It’s basically at the lowest point of a relationship—nothing specific in my life, but it just represents that feeling of like ‘I’ma just be dead honest with you about how horrible my life has been since we broke up, and I’m just letting you know how it’s going down.”

This song overall is too damn catchy. The chorus would just be stuck in my head the whole day after listening to it once. We all can relate to this song when we had this person that was perfect for us and unfortunately lost hat person. I have multiple links to share here… Click here for the original version of the song, click here for the acoustic version, last but not least, click here for the EDM remix of this song.


The release of “Alone” by Marshmellow.

This song was released on a Canadian EDM label Monstercat for Marshmello-a masked DJ who came on the scene in 2015. The song dropped in May of 2016 and through the EDM culture, it is a fan notable and favorite. Marshmellow revealed the meaning of this song on Facebook:

“Truth is, I had just moved away from my friends and family and I started to feel very home sick and lonely like I didn’t belong in my new settings. Everything was just happening so fast and I couldn’t really grasp where I was or who I was but all I knew was that I felt Alone.”

The song itself is an EDM headbanger that provides so many bass drops that are unique and you cannot help yourself but head bob or just jump to the beat of the song. We can all relate to this song since we all have felt being alone at times. Either it is from moving to a foreign place, having a bad week with no support, or maybe we are not happy and just feel the loneliness. Click here to listen to the headbanger and I promise you that this will make you want to jump out of your chair and bounce.

The release of “Scared to Be Lonely” by Martin Garrix featuring Dua Lipa

On the 27th of January 2017, one of the most well-known DJ “Martin Garrix,” collaborated with Dua Lipa to make the hit single “Scared to Be Lonely.” Here is the opinion of the song coming from Martin Garrix himself…

“I’m really, really excited for this song. The song is called ‘Scared To Be Lonely.’ Working with Dua has been amazing, and I just can’t wait. You know the feeling, you have this song on your computer, and like, you only can play it to your friends and to your team, and the world has no idea yet. And right now I’m so close to releasing it, so I’m really really excited.” -Martin Garrix told Hardwell on Air

The song is a club banger about holding on to each other in hard times and being scared of having no one around you. This is relatable to a lot of relationships that are struggling. Listening to this song, there is a lot of attachable memories I can relate to this song. Through the fightings and bumpy roads, It somehow got the relationship closer but at the same time worrying if everything is alright. The song at the start has a very vulnerable atmosphere, with the Lipa’s weak and beautiful tone. As the song progresses, her tone of voice went from being vulnerable to standing up for herself and showing the grit of her thoughts toward the relationship. The chorus is very catchy and meaningful and the bass drop is very clean and sharp. Click here to listen to the studio version of this song, or click here to listen to the live version of the song.

Zedd release of “Stay” featuring Alessia Cara

On the 23rd of February, one of the most respected EDM artist “Zedd” released “Stay” in collaboration with “Alessia Cara.” From the research I conducted, Zedd was very anxious to debut the single, which he describes as “a really interesting mix of the old Zedd and the new Zedd.” -retrieved from a Billboard interview. They never actually performed together prior to the release and they began making the song way back in December! Talk about a while to make a song! Now to the song, what I can say is that I broke the replay button for this. It is a dance song with an electronic feel and some frantic beats. The central theme of the song is a lover asking the other love to stay with them. Even through hard times, life is ticking away and there will always be room to work things out as long as the lover stay. The tone of Cara’s voice singing the song is very fitting with the beats provided by Zedd. Props to Zedd with a FANTASTIC bass drop after the chorus. It is very robotic and a definitive sound to it. The song overall is very catchy and you will not regret listening to this song. Click here to listen to the song and see the lyrical music video.

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