This song was released on August 31st of 2016 but currently this month of April, it began to blow up in the Billboard charts. I will classify this song as an EDM banger due to the drop it provides after the chorus. There is a remix that was made by an EDM group that I will later provide. In an interview with Weekend Throwdown with Jagger, Jon said of “All Time Low”:

“It’s basically at the lowest point of a relationship—nothing specific in my life, but it just represents that feeling of like ‘I’ma just be dead honest with you about how horrible my life has been since we broke up, and I’m just letting you know how it’s going down.”

This song overall is too damn catchy. The chorus would just be stuck in my head the whole day after listening to it once. We all can relate to this song when we had this person that was perfect for us and unfortunately lost hat person. I have multiple links to share here… Click here for the original version of the song, click here for the acoustic version, last but not least, click here for the EDM remix of this song.