The Chainsmokers released this song on September 29th of 2016. The artist that sings in the song is named Phoebe Ryan. I wondered how The Chainsmokers and Phoebe Ryan came together and came across a post of they did… through the POV of Phoebe via Genius:

“The Chainsmokers and I had met and worked together in NYC while I was living there a few years back. I had always wanted to collaborate with Drew and Alex, and when they sent me this song, I was over the moon. A few days after I cut a demo for them, we met up in the studio and recorded it together, which I think was so important for the vibe. I don’t know if people would be surprised to know I didn’t have a hand in writing it. I’m one of those artists that hears an amazing song and it doesn’t matter to me who wrote it. If it hits me, I want in.”

The song has more of a sadistic tone compared to their pump up, headbanger music. This song does provide a lot of meaning toward relationships. It is a relaxed song about a struggling relationship. The relationship in question is on the brink of falling apart, but a connection still exists through some sort of love and the lover does not know whether to keep the relationship going or not. This is very relatable to a lot of relationships that are struggling. I also would like to point out the cover art of this song. I say that the cover art illustrates all the emotions which lovers feel, from love, anger, and being left heartbroken. Those are the feelings both the lovers know and feel for certain. Click here to listen to the relaxing song.