The Chainsmokers’s single “Honest” is a different take than their normal usually EDM banger music style. This song is more toward the heart and reminiscing the group teenage years with the relationship they had. The Chainsmoker posted via Facebook about the meaning of their song…

“Honest is the oldest song on the album. Outing ourselves as one of our mentors advises. It’s a story about a balance between conscience, loneliness, and temptation told through the eyes of one of us after a night out on the road. Drew is talking to himself about what he wants to say to his girlfriend at the end of the night when he knows she’s expecting to hear from him. He’s telling her he doesn’t want to lie to her and say he doesn’t get caught up in the superficial world of fame and fortune and what comes with it. He wants to be honest, which means having to admit not always thinking of her. It’s hard to put out a song like this. The message is dark and revealing of a personal moment, but it’s real for anyone who has ever thought about someone outside their relationship. We love this song because it challenges the thought that love and temptation are mutually exclusive. We all want to be happy and in love, but in reality of most relationships, there are still times of darkness, loneliness, and temptation despite our love for the other person.”

The song itself is like a typical radio song you can listen to as you are driving your car to work and such. It has a pleasant tone and it is very meaningful at the same time. Click here to listen to the song!