This song was released on March 9th of 2015. Kygo creates Tropical and House EDM music. It was a while back but it is still on the radio and this song truly never gets old. The song “Firestone” is sung by an artist, Conrad Sewell. No people, this artist is not a girl. When I first heard this song, I immediately thought of some hot blond girl who can sing but then I say a live performance and I completely flipped out due to the artist being a male! “Firestone” is used as a colloquial for flint-acting pyrite. (pyrite meaning fire.) Flint is often rubbed against another flint, like how love needs at least two people. The word Firestone links a starting fire to a newly formed love. This song is very casual to listen to, any age group can easily enjoy this song due to the light-hearted tone of the beats and instruments used in the song. Sewell’s voice blended perfectly with the beats provided and I cannot say how amazing the song sounds as a whole. Click here to listen to this wonderful song and watch a very symbolic music video of a guy trying to reach for this girl.