Steve Aoki is one of the most popular DJ’s when it comes to EDM headbangers. I personally love this song due to the meaning and the amazing bass drop it provides. The song itself was sung by Moxie Raia. There is an interview about the song provided here

“I wrote it about a boy who was super-tough and who like never showed me any emotion and never showed that he cared about me, but one day, he broke down and cried and told me that he loved me.”

This song does serve a purpose. A person can be super tough and emotionless but once the person cries, they become vulnerable and it shows that in the end, the person truly does care and there is so much more in the relationship as a whole. It is not like “I love seeing you in pain since you are crying,” it is because such a physical and unambiguous display of emotions signifies, at least, the person is no longer “numb” and actually cares. The bass drop is by far my personal favorite compared to a lot of the EDM songs I listened to. Click here to watch the music video and listen to the amazing song!