Once again, The Chainsmokers becoming a huge hit again with their FIRST album release, “Memories… Do Not Open.” I would like to bring up a song that I found captivating and replayed the hell out of it. The Chainsmokers provided the meaning of the song via Facebook:

““It Won’t Kill Ya” is about a night out, seeing someone you are attracted to across the room which pulls you into this mental struggle to gain the courage to interact with them. This is one of the lighter tracks on our album that focuses on enjoying the moment yet handling temptation. Working with Louane was such a pleasure. We love taking a sweet lyrical idea and spinning it on its head with dark production elements. For us, Louane adds so much to this song. She typically sings in French, but her accent while singing in English, although subtle, makes the song that much more captivating.”

Louane voice is very alive and so seductive. Her tone had this subtle yet fierceness in it. The Chainsmokers are totally genius for adding a dark, trap bass drop after the chorus which makes this song so different from a lot of their singles. Click here to listen to the song!