On the 22nd of February, the “on the rise” EDM group, The Chainsmokers, released a new song after their hit single “Closer,” called “Something Just Like This” featuring the lead singer of “Coldplay” Chris Martin. When the song released, this song was constantly on replay. The chords, catchy verses, and the beat drop of the song was a beautiful blend with the central theme of the song. The song is about a relationship that does not need to be “superhumanly” perfect, an ordinary love, a love that everyone can feel and does not need to be worried that if they are not good enough for one another. As long as the relationship consists of respect, love, and care, that what is really needed in one. You can really hear the tone of the song as Chris Martin sings implying how insecure he is because he is not like all the superheroes with the looks and perfection. I recommend this song to anybody who is a fan of Coldplay too since it has the vibe of their own songs blended with The Chainsmokers. This song can easily fit in the Rave communities and even just a little hangout at the beach with friends. It can listen casually or you can bounce and dance to the song. Click Here to see the lyrical music video of the song!