This song was released on a Canadian EDM label Monstercat for Marshmello-a masked DJ who came on the scene in 2015. The song dropped in May of 2016 and through the EDM culture, it is a fan notable and favorite. Marshmellow revealed the meaning of this song on Facebook:

“Truth is, I had just moved away from my friends and family and I started to feel very home sick and lonely like I didn’t belong in my new settings. Everything was just happening so fast and I couldn’t really grasp where I was or who I was but all I knew was that I felt Alone.”

The song itself is an EDM headbanger that provides so many bass drops that are unique and you cannot help yourself but head bob or just jump to the beat of the song. We can all relate to this song since we all have felt being alone at times. Either it is from moving to a foreign place, having a bad week with no support, or maybe we are not happy and just feel the loneliness. Click here to listen to the headbanger and I promise you that this will make you want to jump out of your chair and bounce.