On the 27th of January 2017, one of the most well-known DJ “Martin Garrix,” collaborated with Dua Lipa to make the hit single “Scared to Be Lonely.” Here is the opinion of the song coming from Martin Garrix himself…

“I’m really, really excited for this song. The song is called ‘Scared To Be Lonely.’ Working with Dua has been amazing, and I just can’t wait. You know the feeling, you have this song on your computer, and like, you only can play it to your friends and to your team, and the world has no idea yet. And right now I’m so close to releasing it, so I’m really really excited.” -Martin Garrix told Hardwell on Air

The song is a club banger about holding on to each other in hard times and being scared of having no one around you. This is relatable to a lot of relationships that are struggling. Listening to this song, there is a lot of attachable memories I can relate to this song. Through the fightings and bumpy roads, It somehow got the relationship closer but at the same time worrying if everything is alright. The song at the start has a very vulnerable atmosphere, with the Lipa’s weak and beautiful tone. As the song progresses, her tone of voice went from being vulnerable to standing up for herself and showing the grit of her thoughts toward the relationship. The chorus is very catchy and meaningful and the bass drop is very clean and sharp. Click here to listen to the studio version of this song, or click here to listen to the live version of the song.