On the 23rd of February, one of the most respected EDM artist “Zedd” released “Stay” in collaboration with “Alessia Cara.” From the research I conducted, Zedd was very anxious to debut the single, which he describes as “a really interesting mix of the old Zedd and the new Zedd.” -retrieved from a Billboard interview. They never actually performed together prior to the release and they began making the song way back in December! Talk about a while to make a song! Now to the song, what I can say is that I broke the replay button for this. It is a dance song with an electronic feel and some frantic beats. The central theme of the song is a lover asking the other love to stay with them. Even through hard times, life is ticking away and there will always be room to work things out as long as the lover stay. The tone of Cara’s voice singing the song is very fitting with the beats provided by Zedd. Props to Zedd with a FANTASTIC bass drop after the chorus. It is very robotic and a definitive sound to it. The song overall is very catchy and you will not regret listening to this song. Click here to listen to the song and see the lyrical music video.